Mary's artwork employs a wide variety of media in both two and three dimensions. Beginning with illustrations and watercolors, her career has taken her to sculpture, jewelry design, and most recently, digital art.

Early illustration assignments included a textbook on skeletal anatomy and drawings of marine life in Bermuda that were published in the book Marine Flora and Fauna of Bermuda, edited by W. Sterrer, published by Wiley-Interscience.

Mary's sculpture has included work in clay, wax, stone, wood, plastic, bronze and precious metals. Her jewelry design work has involved carving intricate custom waxes and also lost wax casting, using a hydrogen/oxygen torch for melting and pouring gold, and a vulcanizer for molding the cast pieces. Cutting rubber molds shares many similarities with UVW unwrapping, knowing where to place seam lines, what an object looks like when stretched.

Of digital 3D artwork, Mary says, "It is really a delight, the detail and precision it allows." Presently Mary is working in 3Ds Max, a 3 dimensional animation program that lets you build models, texture and animate them, then add lights and moving cameras to your scene. She observes, "This is truly a challenge that draws on sculpting and painting experience, knowledge of anatomy, and observational skills of the nuances of bodies in motion."